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Everything you think you know about your daily multivitamins, your exercise routine, weight loss, and even your morning glass of O.J. ... is about to change!

Naked Calories exposes the actual naked real truth about what you're eating and how your life-style practices may undoubtedly be sabotaging your well being.

The secret is in micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are being removed out of your diet and depleted because of your way of life. Within the Caltons' six-year global research journey they learned that modern practices for example international food distribution, factory producing, in addition to food processing are coming up with foods stuffed with Naked Calories -- calories without having genuine nutritional value.

These dynamic experts break it right down to a straightforward three-step plan and teach you how to resource far better foods, eliminate harmful habits, and make choosing the best supplement as easy as learning the alphabet. Naked Calories, will help millions of people achieve a new level of understanding concerning how to preserve health in the Twenty-first century.

"Health is not something that you biologically lose as you age. It is something that you build or give away a little each day, in what you do, and what you don't do."
Jayson B. Calton, Ph.D.

REV UP your day and ability to BURN FAT!

Many experts have clinically proven that consuming Rich Foods can assist you in burning 2 times more caloric intake than Poor Foods. NAKED CALORIES will teach you how to identify Rich Foods that naturally enhance your calorie expenditure. Research conducted recently showed that a micro nutrient deficiency increases the likelihood of becoming overweight or obese by over 80 percent.

NAKED CALORIES tips the scales to your benefit by simply instructing you on the 3 easy steps to becoming micro nutrient sufficient.

NAKED CALORIES will disclose what sole micro nutrient can provide an average weight-loss of an astounding 30 pounds in nine weeks. Did you know that there's an ingredient hiding inside your foods that basically turns off your bodies capacity to recognize that it's full? NAKED CALORIES will reveal this common additive so you can avert it.AUTHORS

NAKED CALORIES explains how micro nutrient sufficiency can easily eliminate your food cravings allowing your diets to succeed like never before. SUPERCHARGE your diet naturally!

Meet the Calton's
Mira & Jayson


Can a global perspective of nutrition help to reverse the worldwide epidemics of obesity and disease?

"The Calton's goal is to observe the eating patterns of people throughout the world. They wanted to discover how different nutritional philosophies affected their health and use that information to rethink how we eat in America."

NAKED CALORIES discloses how the current most popular diet plans may actually be depriving an individual of their essential micro nutrients that you need to lose weight and stay healthy.


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